Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oh gosh busy week

It's been a busy week and has no signs of slowing anytime soon.  The shear amount of games that came out these past weeks! Fallout, Fable, Undead Nightmare!  It's been hectic let me tell you.  I've also been trying to read a book every day, well not a whole book.  Just a bits of book a day.  Sorry I don't have more to report.  Sunday is halloween!  It's the premiere of one of my favorite comic books appearing on the silver screen.  Thats tv right? silver screen is tv i think; wait then whats the movies screen nicknamed? oh well anyway, p.s. hate when people say anyways, amc is doing the show The Walking Dead.  I encourage everyone to watch unless they hate zombies, but lets face it, anyone who doesn't like zombies shouldn't be reading this blog in the first place.

Now for a special treat, on halloween or sunday in laymans terms i'll will be writing a scary story for my readers, if there are any, to read.  thats all for now catch you later

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