Wednesday, October 13, 2010

And now....

For something completely different.  Get the Monty Python reference?  It's okay if you didn't.

Short story time!!! Yay!!  it will be called, the super short story of shortness about a boy who became shorter

It begins, like so many do on a dark and stormy night Ka-Blam goes the thunder as the evil genius in his parents laboratory laughed maniacally at his own... evil.  He had just created a potion to make someone slightly shorter.  Now all he needed was for someone to try it, and he knew just who to call.

"Steiny," he called, "Steiny, come here boy!"  A big dog that looked like it had been created from a bunch of other dogs(which it had) came down the stairs wagging it's short stubby tail.  "Try this will ya," he said while putting the potion in his dog's water bowl.  The dog lapped it up, and nothing happened.  "Hmm, maybe it takes some time to take effect."
It was an hour later, and still nothing happened.  He decided to go to bed, he had to get some sleep to keep his evil geniusness up, plus he had school tomorrow.

The next morning the evil genius (whose name incidentally was was Steve, but he liked to be called Dr. X) ran downstairs after putting on his lab coat he always wore.  He made sure to stop by the bathroom to comb his hair up so it was even more wild and unkempt, and didn't brush his teeth, partly because he created a germ to fight other germs on your teeth but mainly because he was evil, and evil people don't brush teeth.  He grabbed a pop tart on his way out of his house.  His parents, who were not evil geniuses, sitting at the breakfast screamed in protest that he wasn't having a proper breakfast, "Hey slow down Steve, and take that coat off!" his mother screamed as he ran out door, pretending to ignore his mother, evil geniuses don't listen to their mothers, because they're eevvilll!  He went to school like he always did, alone.  Evil geniuses didn't need friends, though Dr.X had a minion, who usually followed him to school at a considerable distance, at a Dr.X's insistence.  His minion actually thought they were friends, what a laugh!  His minion got experimented on more than his precious Steiny.
George ran up next to Dr.X asked "Hey Steve, how hard was the math homework we had for you?" to which Dr.X ignored him.
"Oh I mean, how hard was math homework for you DR.X?"
Dr.X begrudgingly answered,
"I finished it before class ended."
"Oh yeah, I forgot, your an 'evil genius'." George produced air quotes over the evil genius part.
"I am and don't you forget it minion." Dr.X barked
"Yeah, yeah geez you don't have to bite my head off!"

They walked the rest of the way to school like usual, George far behind him and Dr.X thinking of ways to punish George for his indignant behavior.  He glanced back at George when they were stopped at the entrance to school, and looked George over for ways to exploit him, he was a short ginger boy with bad acne and braces.  Dr.X had his work cut out for him to make George look any worse, but he was willing to try it.
He could use his freckle producing cream, but any other freckles on Georges body would just make him look tan, so that wasn't on option.  He had already used the teeth growing formula on George earlier last year, it worked so much he had to get braces, though there was a evil unforeseen side effect which gave him acne before he had even hit puberty.  Dr.X thought about making him irresistible to girls, but that would backfire once they reached aforementioned puberty.  Was there anything Dr.X could do to his minion that would degrade him any further than he already was?  The answer was in his pocket, the shrinking potion used on Steiny.  The only problem was it didn't work on dogs and he never tested on humans before.  Well there was a first for everything. He would do it at lunch, Dr.X usually ate alone but this time he would have to buddy up to his minion for this to work..... DOES DR.X MAKE HIS MINION SHORTER? WILL HIS PARENTS FIND OUT? HOW WILL THIS AFFECT THEIR WORKING RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN EVIL GENIUS AND MINION?  FIND OUT ALL THIS AND MORE IN PART 2 OF the super short story of shortness about a boy who became shorter

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