Sunday, October 17, 2010

Polish while you work, la la la la laa.

I create characters in my mind with stories that tell of their lives.  mostly they're fantastical, but some are satirical.
I write on here to polish my skills starting tomorrow I will be finishing part 2 of my super short story of shortness.  I may change the title of that though, something easier to remember.

Now to some random thoughts about rudolph, and how he relates to man, and the other reindeer and how they represent satan.
I was singing the shower today when I randomly start singing Rudolph the red nose reindeer, as I was singing I realized the end of the song was very misleading.  After being mocked by the other reindeer and not allowed to join in their games, he gets singled out by Santa, who portrays God in this tale.  Santa goes on to say that Rudolph, because of his abnormality is the greatest of the reindeer all the other reindeer praise him and shout with glee.  That's complete bull.  After making fun of his nose and mocking suddenly everyone likes him?  Not gonna happen.  In fact what really happened if this was in any way real or realistic which I realize it's not, they would have resented him for being Santa's favorite, making him even more hated in the eyes of the other reindeer.  Oh sure they would let him play their reindeer games, but only as an excuse to wail on him with no one being the wiser, the mocking would continue too even more so.  It's like Rudolph is the new guy at school who because of charm and good looks instantly becomes popular with the girls, enraging the jocks, causing him to be bullied.  they wouldn't like him just cause Santa said to, much how Satan refused to bow to man when God commanded, no reindeer would like Rudolph for intervening on the most important holiday of the year.

But thats just my view.  Open to interpretation.  That is all I wanted to say for now but its going to be a busy week this week so I may not post everyday.

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