Monday, November 29, 2010

the finale of the super short story of shortness about a short boy who became shorter

Dr.X scowled at Eddie but walked up to them anyway.  Dr.X's minion was showing him defiance, and he needed to be punished.  Cozying up to a new enemy, how dare he!  He needed to be experimented on, he needed to be shorter.  Dr.X caught up to George his minion and promptly ignoring Eddie invited George to sit with him, well as close to inviting as he could.

"Come sit with me." Dr.X commanded
"Oh okay, but I told Eddie I'd sit with him too, so look for an extra seat." George said
"YOU told him he could sit, with us?" Dr.X nearly screamed
"Yeah he's new and I thought-"
"You THOUGHT?  Since when do you think about anything?"
"Geez man don't be so rude," he said as we reached the line to the cafeteria.  "He was looking for someone to show him where the cafeteria was and we started talking; he's pretty cool."

Dr.X just stared at his minion in silence, boiling in anger.  He sighed then, pretending it was alright would be the fastest way to showing his minion a lesson that his minion would not forget anytime soon.

"Alright, you go pick out a table and I'll get our food." Dr.X says mischievously
"Yeah okay, just be nice to Eddie okay?" George said walking away
"Since when am I ever anything but nice?" Dr.X mutters, but George either didn't hear or he was just ignoring him.

After getting the trays and putting a few generic food items on them, Dr.X got some chocolate milks and paid.  Before looking for his minion though Dr.X took out his vial and slightly opening one of the milks he poured it in,  marking the milk with a marker so he wouldn't accidentally drink it.  Dr.X's plan was brilliant, except for one variable, Eddie.  Dr.X went looking for his minion and found him near the back row of tables, with Eddie already there.  Dr.X sat down next to his minion placing the tray with with the marked milk next to George.

"I didn't know what you wanted, so I just got the usual suspects."  Dr.X says trying to be nonchalent.
"Thats ok." George said  "Oh hey have you two officially met, Steve this is Eddie, and Eddie this is Steve." George said finishing the introductions.
"Hey Steve." Eddie said
"Edward." Dr.X nodded
"Please call me Eddie, I hate being called Edward." Eddie grimaced as he said Edward.
Dr.X smiled at that new information, but said nothing more.
"Well," said George sensing the tension in the air, "let's eat."

Dr.X dug into his meal without tasting it keeping his eye on George his minion waiting for the sip that would seal his minion's fate.  Eddie kept asking questions about school, and who were the smartest kids in school and what the football team was like.  George answered the best he could through mouthfuls of food, saying that Steve was the smartest kid George knew, and that he didn't really like football but knew that their team wasn't that good.

Eddie looked impressed at Steve, and Dr.X felt smug and a little ashamed about what he was about to do to his minion who thought he was quote 'the smartest person he knew'.  Fate at that moment though had other ideas because just as Dr.X was feeling anxious about his plan George, his minion, his friend, took his chocolate milk and gulped it down.

"Ugh whats with this taste?" George asked
"Let me try." Eddie said and took the milk from George, chugging some.  "Yeah it does taste funny, you should go another one, what's yours taste like Steve?"  Eddie asked
"Umm," Dr.X just stared at them waiting for them to shrink.  "Mine tastes fine."
"Must be a bad one then, I'll go get another." George said leaving
Dr.X watched him go and looked at Eddie, who was still as tall as a two story building.  'Had I been wrong' Dr.X thought to himself.  He waited until the end of lunch time.  He waited till the end of school, still nothing.
As he walked home Dr.X thought himself a failure, there would be no shrinking, no smaller minion, just a failure of mad scientest. Dr.X got got home and called Steiny who came padding in.  He came in 5 inches shorter!  It worked!  Dr.X thought furiously and decided that his potion must have a time delay.  Dr.X started to laugh maniacally knowing what tomorrow would bring and he couldn't wait to go to school tomorrow to see his work completed.

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