Monday, October 11, 2010

I found this on my computer

This was a short story I did a while ago and it isn't really polished at all but I'll put it on here anyway

Short Story: Tentative title----SPIDERS!

    Once long ago when I was living in my old house I think I was fourteen or fifteen, there was a hole in my wall.  I have no idea how that hole came to be there but there it was.  It was smallish about the size of a mans fist and really round, and I put a poster over it so I wouldn't have to look at it but noise from inside would come out at night like scratching on the wall and whispering.
I told my parents about it the next day and they joked that our house might be haunted; which I did not find that funny though my dad said he'd take a look at it tomorrow.  I spent the day outside playing with friends so when dinner came I was all sweaty and my mom had me change before dinner.  As I was changing a chill came over me when I realized my back was right next to the hole.  My entire body quivered and squirmed but other than that I would not move, I was too scared.  It took me a few moments before my courage was up enough to look behind me and I saw.... my poster nothing else just my poster I had put on the hole in my wall.
I went downstairs thinking how rediculous it was that there was anything to the hole probably some mishap with the previous owner.  I told my dad during dinner he didn't have to look at the hole anymore. Dad said I was probably hearing the wind coming from somewhere on the other side of the hole seeping through from the outside and he needed  to find it and seal it so I said okay you can take a look tommorow.  I was secretly relieved that he told me it was the wind for I still feared the hole a little now though everything was explained the wind simple as that.  That night I slept soundly pretending not to hear the scurrying going on behind the hole.
I slept in the next day so when I woke up my dad was all rearing to go and I told him I needed breakfast first.  My dad is a guy who loves his housework so he told me to hurry up.  I went downstairs and my mother was cleaning up the breakfast dad and her just had so I just got myself some cereal.  The only cereal that looked appealing was this new one i begged my mom to try it was called Spiders.  The cereal had different shapes like a spider shape or a web and various other ones.  I enjoyed it so much I got another bowl.  Dad walked in as I was finishing it saying he's losing his patience so I followed him upstairs to my room pointing him to my poster.
When he took off the poster I flinched thinking something was going to happen.  It didn't.  What a laugh I was afraid of a hole.  There was nothing there but then dad flashed his flashlight in the hole and spiders came pouring out by the hundreds by the thousands!  My dad and I backed upto my bed as an endless stream of spiders came pouring out onto my walls and thats when I remembered my breakfast and threw it up all over my dad.  Needless to say we were in therapy for quite a while and as part of that therapy they asked me to write it down saying it would help but whenever a commercial for Spiders cereal now the most popular cereal in the world comes on I have to run to the bathroom.

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