Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years!! Happy 2011!!

Soon, very soon my christmas present will be here!  I got a super cheap guitar online and it should be here in about a week! Yay, now i only have to learn how to play the guitar.
Still i am excited for this weekend, some cool new shows are coming that ive been dying to see.

My life taking an upturn spin, I got a tutor in math so I'm not completely lost-I hate math-.
2010 was sucky for me, so I am hoping that '11 will be better.

But there is not alot more I can say except good luck with your resolutions!

Until next year.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


People are reading my blog!  Granted it's only my close family, and I had to beg them, but still someone is reading my blog!
It's almost christmas time and here at the Bender family we're not really celebrating it.  Also Bender was a character from The Breakfast Club and there is a scene where he talks about Christmas at his house and blah de blah de blah.  If you don't get the reference, you should watch the movie, or at least a clip from YouTube. 
Anyway back to the christmas. 
My family has mostly grown up me being the youngest, and we decided not to really do christmas.  We're a danish family GO DANES!! and there was a tradition in are house where we open presents on christmas eve, and open stockings on christmas day.  Alas the time of childhood glee unwrapping a present is gone, and christmas is meaningless for 20 something people.

One more thing, my ma told me she looked for It's a Wonderful Life on tv, and we have satelite, and it's not on!?  The classic and iconic black and white film of brilliance with Clarence (hope I spelled that right) won't be on for christmas is a travesty of epic and devastating proportions that will reverberate in my life for years perhaps decades to come.

Monday, December 20, 2010

duh duh dummm....

Here is a piece of advice, don't read a book that has a cliffhanger.  It physically hurts sometimes to wait for the next book to come out.  I know of two books I read that has a cliffhanger, one is Changes by Jim Butcher and it has the ultimate cliffhanger.  The main character DIES!! What!? I mean what!?  That one blows my mind every time I read the Dresden Files.  The second is the 2nd book in a series called Abarat.  It has been SEVEN years since Days of Magic, Nights of War, the title of the book, came out.  Talk about a long cliffhanger.

Anyway I know this probably won't interest the normal man but dammit I just had to speak my mind!


Comment dammit!  I want to know what people think about my nonsensicalness mess

Sunday, December 19, 2010

When life gets you down

The fungus in my basement told me I should start living for today, because tomorrow I might end up as fungus living in a basement.

You're right I told him.

Starting tomorrow I am going to try to become a fungus.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Here I go... tumbling down down down

Been awhile since my last update, but I was feeling uplifted this morning by powers unknown.  To the people who have basic writing standards and cringe at my placement and use of commas, that's only to be expected to make mistakes. 

More people on twitter ignoring me.  I wonder if it's because I am an insufferable oaf, or they just don't like me unless they've been drinking.

Still having the life drained out of me slowly by a giant robot who can't use suffixes.
That's about all for now, my writing sucks and I will probably die alone, or at least by the hands of a giant robot.