Friday, September 16, 2011

Dead Island Review+Resistance 3

IGN's review is pretty much self explanatory except I found the glitches to be insufferable and playing it solo had to cheat once or twice.  There is no way to get Ope to the burial site alive playing alone!!! He just jumps right into the fray and dies in 10 seconds... EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!  But enjoy a special extra treat of resistance 3 review below.  I did not find it as entertaining as the reviewer, but I haven't had time to beat it yet so who knows

D&D, the devils market.

I've recently started playing old school role playing games like D&D.  Now I loved the game, all the little things you could do and the only limit was the limit of your imagination.  So I scoured around for some local weekly gaming, and I found it.  You know the stereotypes of nerds playing D&D?  They're not stereotypes in this place.  It was a little annoying to see nerds in this day and looking like that.  Have they never heard of geek chic?

There were the kid nerds, all gangly pimple faced with braces.  There was the fat guys, with greasy unwashed hair, and other unwashed regions.  Seriously, what are nerds aversion taking showers?  There was this guy around 30 who was bald, and albino, but he was cool.  The guy with eczema on his legs that he couldn't stop scratching, they were so big they looked like spider eggs growing inside him.  Then there was the guy with nose hairs so long, you found your eyes just drift to them unconsciously.

Of course that's all par for the course when you search for a nerds sanctum, but please if any nerd reads this, shower at least once a day, and wash your hair.  No one likes greasy looking hair, gross.

There were a couple cool looking dudes there, those are the ones with the horrible personalities and no real social cues.  They were the terrible trolls and I had no nasty knife to slay them with. 

Okay, so I thought it would go better, so I thought they would get my nerdy pop culturesque Doctor Whovian type jokes, turns out, a lot of D&D people are obsessed with only one thing, D&D.  I've met people who love D&D but also like other nerdy things, these guys were D&D and Magic the Gathering only, it was sort of sad and pathetic really.

I still love D&D, but I also have a life outside of it, so I ain't going back to that parlor anytime soon.  Also they weren't really friendly to outsiders, and a lot of them didn't seem to understand sarcasm.  The shower thing wasn't sarcasm fyi they really need it. p.s.  Eat something before you get there, no one wants to see you eating cold chicken from your fridge and drinking 2 litre bottle of soda right out of the bottle.  Two words: BACK WASH.