Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Avengers Assemble!


God I am so excited for this movie, so so so so so excited.   It hurts to have to wait until May for it to come out.  And I know, it probably won't be as good as the hype made it out to be, but I can always hope right?

Monday, February 27, 2012

My ideas (copyrighted)

The type of stuff I want to write

Nightworld:  Nightworld is a book series that I've had in my head for close to a decade.  Something I've been evolving in my head and playing around with.  I plan on it being 4 books with each book being about 400-500 pages long.

Zombies vs Robots vs Aliens:  in ZRA it's like rock paper scissors in which robots crush zombies aliens disassemble robots and zombies eat aliens.

DrX:  a childrens story about an evil boy genius who wants to rule the world.  I liken it to Dexter's Laboratory mixed with Dr. Frankenstein.

I like fantasy writing.  Humor in writing is important.  That is all I wanted to say.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The long lost Skyrim review

Now, let us look back on the month of November where things were a lot more simple.  Where Elder Scrolls Skyrim invaded the hearts and homes of people around the world.  I was no exception.  I found it every bit as exhilarating as they promised.  Everything was great.  No bad action or graphics.  Now some people claimed it to be floaty action, I both agree and disagree.  I agree it was floaty but I think we are all spoiled with the rumblepaks in our controllers that some of us let it deter them away from the game simply because they didn't feel the rumble when their blades hit something.

An in-depth review of Skyrim so I do not need to do it myself.  There is nothing I can say that hasn't been said by 1000 leaderboards.  So I'll just say this, go play it.  It's awesome and deserving of peoples love not nitpicking.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fallout got even cooler

Fallout 3, arguably the best video game of the 2000's just got even better with this fan made web series.  It's just wow, just wow, you have to see it if you even remotely like Fallout.

I would post the video, but for some reason it isn't working... which is annoying. 


Community folks, we all live in one.  It's also an awesome sauce show that'll be returning on the air soon thank the gods.  It's one of those few shows I almost couldn't live without

Sorry it's been a while

Yeah so for some reason the site wouldn't let me log on so I wasn't able to update anything even though I promised a Skyrim review ages ago I'll get to reviewing it sometime this week, right now I just wanted to say I'm back on ad will update more soon.