Friday, October 22, 2010

the super short story of shortness about a short boy who became shorter part 2

School was tedious for Dr.X. Time stood still in English while Dr.X made plans to get revenge on his minion for presuming he had an open friendship with Dr.X.  'He will learn his place' thought Dr.X, all the while pretending to listen to Mrs. Hammershem discuss the difference between nouns and pronouns.  His plans were this, he needed to test his shrinking potion, and his top test subject needed to pay, thus he would subject his minion to further testing at lunch by putting the potion in his minions' chocolate milk.  Dr.X wasn't really paying attention when the bell rang, but dutifully walked out with the rest of the class to math.  As he was walking to math his minion walked up to walk with him to class blabbering about how tough the homework was.

"Hey, what did you get for question 8?" George, the minions name was George, asked.

"I got 22," Dr.X said, even though he knew that wasn't right.

"Oh, I got something different," George said looking crestfallen.

No doubt he got the right answer, but because of Dr.X's lie he was no doubting himself.  Dr.X smiled to himself at this, turning into Mr. Hammershem's math class.  Mr and Mrs Hammershem were husband and wife, Mrs. Hammershem used to be Ms. Whiteness when she started working as a teacher, where she met Mr Hammershem and after a whirlwind romance they married.
"Alright, alright sit down class, he have a new transfer student today," Mr. Hammershem said, ushering the kids into class.
'A transfer student?' Dr.X thought, but not really caring but looked politely to the the blackboard at where the transfer student stood.  The word cool came to mind when you looked at him, he oozed coolness and charisma, with dirty blond hair done in a way that looked wavy but unmoving, Eyes a dark blue like the open sea, and he was tall, really tall.  All of the transfer student's feature were that of a norse god.  Dr.X scowled at another potential bully that he would have to dodge everyday.

"This here is Edward Hawkins, he moved here from," Mr. Hammershem glanced at a sheet by his fingertips "Galvin, Texas.  Edward, why don't you say something about yourself?"

"Well," Edward said awkwardly "My name is Edward, though I prefer to be called Eddie.  I like sports, and umm drawing I guess."  Edward stood there embarrassingly not knowing what to say until Mr. Hammershem escorted him to an empty desk, next to Dr.X.  He sat down as Dr.X stared daggers at him, daring 'Eddie' to look at him.  Eddie did not though and looked as if he was actually listening to what the teacher was saying.  This more than anything annoyed Dr.X, something about Eddie rubbed him the wrong way, something uncomfortable.  The class passed faster then the rest of his time being taken by a pop quiz.  Dr.X was sure he had aced it, but he had a feeling Eddie aced it a well, and just as fast he had, which meant Eddie was hiding how smart he was from everybody pretending to being a bumbling fool.  'How interesting', Dr.X thought but said nothing until class was over.  and finally, it was time for lunch! He would poison his minion at lunch with none the wiser, he had planned to walk with George to lunch to make sure he had a seat next to his minion, that is, until he saw who George was talking to, it was Eddie.  DOES THIS COMPLICATE HIS PLANS? WILL HIS PARENTS STILL FIND OUT?  WILL THE POTION HAVE ANY EFFECT? FIND OUT ALL THIS AND MORE OF THE FINAL PART OF the super short story of shortness about a boy who became shorter

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