Monday, June 13, 2011

Prophecy Girl

I awoke screaming.  I had that nightmare again.  That evil man had demolished the world.  He terrorized everything with an iron fist.  But this time I saw a boy standing up to him.

I had to find this boy.  He looked to be about my age.  I get out of bed and walked to the bathroom.  Looking in the mirror, I saw gum in my hair.  My little brother must have put it in my hair while I was sleeping.  I screamed down the stairs at him.

I grumble and pull the gum out, taking a shower to wash my hair well.  I get dressed and walk downstairs to eat my breakfast.  My evil brother was already there eating cereal.  He looked up when I walked in and smiled slyly at me.

"Urgh!" I screamed.  "Mom!  Nate put gum in my hair again."

My mom walked out of the kitchen, "Let me see," she said.  She looked at my hair, "I don't see  anything,".

"Of course you don't," I said.  "I just washed my hair."
I turned towards Nate,  "Why did you even do it you little Nat?"  I asked

"Because your a freak!" he screamed.  "You can see into the future and it's not natural."

I gasped,  "I never told anyone that!"  Sudden realization dawned on me,  "You've been looking in my diary!"

My mom who was listening to all of this, interrupted us arguing,  "Enough, both of you!  I can't handle this today, I have a very important meeting to go to."

She turned to Nate, "Nate, stop tormenting your sister."

"But she's a freak," he said.

"I said ENOUGH young man."

And that was the end of it.  My mom soon left for work after that.   My brother decided to eat his breakfast in his room, which was very lucky for me, because at that moment, I had a vision.  It was the boy I'd seen in my dream.  He was in a park I recognized.  The park was halfway across town.  The vision show the sun in the middle of the sky, so it was a little after noon.  I couldn't tell the exact time.  The boy seemed to be wandering with no real destination in mind.

Something told me I needed to meet him.  If I left now I'd make it across town by the time he was there.  I dried my hair, got dressed, and ran out the door before my brother knew I was leaving.

I reached the park a little before 1 p.m..  I looked around but I didn't see the boy.  I sat on a bench for about 15 minutes before I started to give up hope.  Maybe I was crazy.  I had no proof this boy even existed, let alone that he'd be here at this time.

I got up to leave.  It was then that I saw him just entering the park.  I ran right over to him.  He was surprised to say the least.  He was staring at me, waiting for me to speak, but at that moment my brain froze.  What was I supposed to say to him?  'Hi, I had a vision you would fight against a great evil someday, how are you?'  That seemed a laugh.

"Uuuhhhh,"  I stuttered.

"Yes?" the boy replied.

"My name is Zoey," I said.

"Nice to meet you Zoey," he said.

"Well the thing is, um, what I mean is I was supposed to meet you here."

"Ookkaayyy," he said.  "And who told you to meet me here?"

"No one, I just had a vision of it," I blurted out real fast.

"Really?" he asked.

It didn't sound like he was mocking me.  It sounded like he genuinely wanted an answer.  So I told him all I knew.

"Yeah, I have these abilities, to sort of see into the future, especially while I am asleep.  And I keep having this vision that a man would rule the world.  This man can't be killed by anything, and everyone was so deathly afraid of him no one would stand up to him.  Except you, I saw you in my vision standing up to him.  I didn't see who won cause I woke up, but I had this feeling I needed to find you and warn you about this man."  I was slightly out of breath after saying all of this.

The only thing he asked was, "You say the man who will rule the world can't be killed?"

"Yeah," I answered.

"I think I know who you're talking about," he said.

"You believe me?  Who is it?"  I asked both questions at once.

"That man in your vision, is my father," he answered.  "And I believe you have powers Zoey, because I have powers too."

I was awestruck and excited,  "Really, what are your powers?"

"I can control the speed of time,"  He said.  "I can slow time down, speed it up, or even stop it.  But it only works for brief periods of time."

I was beside myself, I wasn't alone in this world.  I wasn't a freak like my brother said I was.  I had just met someone like me.  The boy continued talking.

"Listen, I am actually searching for people with powers to help me with my dad.  I never imagined someone with powers would find me.  The problem is I can't find these people on my own, but with your abilities, together we may find someone who can help."

"You want me to go with you and help you?"  I asked.

"Essentially yes," he replied.

"Let me think about this," I said sitting down on a nearby bench. "I don't even know your name."

"Oh, forgive me for being rude, my name is David," he said.

I sat there thinking when another vision cropped up.  It was of a man, about 25 years old with blond hair and a goatee.  He was in a big city with sky scrapers all around him.  He went into an alley, looking to make sure no one else was there.  And then he jumped.  All the way to the top of a building, landing on the roof.

I realized he was like us, me and David.  And I could be a help to David who were searching for these people.

"All right," I said. "I'll go."

"Cool," he said clearly excited.  "Go pack some stuff and meet me at my hotel." 
He reached into his pocket and gave my a card from the hotels desk.
"I'll be waiting in the lobby," he said as he walked away.

All I could think of on my way home is how my mom is going to kill me for leaving without saying anything.  But my mind was already decided.  I was going to have an adventure.  An adventure to save the world.

A van parked next to the park had watched the entire conversation between the two kids.  When the kids split up the people in the van needed to know who to follow.  They picked up the phone, and the person on the other end of the line said, "Follow the boy."  And they did.

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  1. I'm impressed and anxious to see where this story leads. You do a great job of leaving the audience hanging and wanting more.