Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Prophetic Pathetic Dream

I was standing outside a radio station in Florida(I live no where near Florida).  There was a fold up table in front of the station with a woman standing behind it.  She was older, had big glasses and curly red hair.  On the table was brick a brack, random stuff with random prices.  Then famous authors would walk up to her and hand her a check, like a donation.  She stared at me expectantly.  I told her I didn't have his money right now so I couldn't make a donation, but what if I bought something off the table?  She said it'd be alright.  I knew that I only had a dollar in my wallet so I picked something that was only a dollar.  A notepad with blue paper.  We exchanged money with notepad and I was on my way.  For some reason I had a cheeseburger too.

I believe that woman was some sort of god or fate or something important that all authors can attribute their good fortune to.  I must find that blue notepad so I too can one day be a great author, so I will have money, so that I can donate to her properly.

Does any of this make sense?

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