Friday, June 10, 2011

Awesome squared, meet your match.

So, it has been awhile; and I have alot to tell.  First things first, got my GED a month ago, and applied for college. Granted it's community college, but I'm still excited.  Second, well it's kind of personal but let's just say I've had an epiphany about how my life has gone and how to change it.  I think I might have grown up, a bit.  I just got a new car, and I'm going to sell my old one to a friend of mine.  Tomorrow I have no plans but to clean out my old car and make it nice looking. 

It seems like a lot of people around me have sort of sped past me, like they're doing things faster and better than me, and it's nerve rackingly stressful. 

There are things to note, about my life.  A lot of my stuff has broken or stopped working, which shows me my karma is bad.  these next couple of months are both exciting and stressful.  Looking for a job is fast becoming a priority of mine.  I write here as a sort of diary I know anyone can peek through, but also knowing no one reads it.  It will be a chore to continue writing on here; to think of things to write about, but I feel my stress lifting away as I write about things with no pressure from anyone, except myself of course.


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