Friday, June 10, 2011

4th Dimensional Dad

My dad has a power.  He can travel through time.  He never told me how he got his power, but he does use it quite a lot.  Sometimes he's missing for days, only to come back with a full beard and worn out clothes.  One time when I was ten he went back in time to see Blackbeard the pirate and was gone for two weeks!  Only for him it was five whole years.  His power seemed to have no limit.  I often bumped into different versions of my dad from different timelines.  Today I ran into a sixteen year old version of my dad.  He looked dorky and was wearing glasses.  He looked around excited at our mansion yelling, "This is mine twenty years from now?"

Yes it was true, we were rich, very, very rich.  My dads time travel allowed him to follow stocks trend before they happened, and it allowed him to get treasure from the past long thought missing.

My sixteen year old dad ran over to me, asking who I was, "Who are you?"
Different dads coming form the past or future happened more and more these days, so I sort of ignored him, went into the hallway and shouted to my dad from the present, "Dad, there's another one of you here!"
He came rushing down the hall in a bit of a huff, collected his past self and whispered something in his ear I couldn't make out.  He finished by saying in a loud voice, probably for my benefit, "Now go back where you came from."

Sixteen year old dad looked a bit confused but did as he was told, and was gone just gone, no poof or anything.  My dad told me the cook was making spaghetti and if I wanted some, I had to come now.
I loved the cooks spaghetti, but hated eating at the table, because it was so long and my mom and dad were so far apart from me, it felt lonely.  After supper I finished my homework and went to bed after wishing my parents goodnight.  It was still pretty early at night, but I had to get up at six the next day to practice a presentation for the academy.  So I went to sleep.

I was woken with a noise, talking, a lot of it, but it sounded like one guy talking to himself.  Urgh, my dad was with other versions of himself downstairs.  I decided to go down and give them a talking to about how I needed my sleep.  I walked down to his study entrance, the door being slightly opened and peeked inside.  There were I counted eight of my dad.  There was the sixteen year old dad in the corner looking slightly out of place with the older wiser dads.  There was one who looked ancient, he was in the corner holding a cane to prop himself up.  The rest looked more or less like my dad, only slightly older or younger.  They were discussing something about paradoxes.

"Listen, the fact is if we haven't caused a paradox by now, it isn't likely to happen," one of them said.

"We haven't all been in the same room, in the same time before," said another.

"What if this does cause a paradox, and rips a hole in time?" asked the sixteen year old.

"Not going to happen kid.  Trust me, the time stream always corrects itself," said an older version

"What if this works, but it gets rid of our power?" someone asked

"Enough!" screamed the old man. "I am tired of this bickering, it's proof enough we've caused a paradox already just by being in the same room as each other.  But the present one doesn't remember being in this room when he was your age." He pointed a wrinkly finger at the sixteen year old.  "This experiment is going to work, all we need to do is travel back to our own time, and are powers will have increased ten fold."

All of them looked excited about that.  I didn't know my dad loved his power that much, he barely even talked about it.  I was starting to get a little worried, watching them argue about which one was my present dad.

"It's August, 2007," one said.

"No, no, it's April 14th 2015." another said

"It's 1997," another said.

They settled it by looking at the calender on the wall, 2011.  Which meant all would be traveling back to their own time except my dad, who would be staying in the study.  They all wished him good luck, And they left at the same time.

Except they didn't just disappear like usual, instead this electric blue light formed in the middle of the room, sparking, and shifting.  My dad looked surprised but pleased, as it came closer to him.  I couldn't stand it anymore and opened the door.  "Dad, what's going on?" I asked, but my voice was carried away by the noise of the giant blue orb thing.  He looked my way in shock, and screamed, "Get out of here!"
But it was too late the orb shot out a bolt of electricity right into my dads chest, and then mine.  I flew back out of the room into the hall and collapsed.

A couple of weeks later and my dad was growing more and more distraught.  His powers did not increase, they changed completely.  He no longer could travel through time.  I found out he loved to travel through time, and hated staying in one time, because to him it was too boring.  Never again will he be able to hear Mozart play, or watch the Sistine Chapel being painted.  He will never listen to the great philosophers, or watch a great and forgotten war unfold.  His new power was his worst nightmare.  He was now immortal.  His body was frozen in time, he would never age.  He didn't need to sleep, or eat, or even breath if he didn't want to.  Any cut or scrape he got would reverse itself immediately.  He was stuck going through time in a linear fasion, and would always be stuck.  And he blamed me.  He thought if I hadn't interfered, none of this would have happened, that his powers would have grown, not changed.

I believe my dad was slowly descending into madness, so when my powers started showing themselves, he grew furious.  He thought I stole his power on purpose, that I wanted him gone.  So he disowned me, told me to leave, banishing me from the house.  I pleaded with my mom to convince him otherwise, and though my mom loved me, she had long since loved my fathers money more.  I could do nothing but leave, but this isn't the end. No it's just the beginning.  My power is to control time itself, I can slow it down, speed it up, or even stop time.  I will find others like me, dad and I can't be the only ones with powers out there.  I'll find someone who can help me to get my dad out of his insanity.  Just you wait dad.

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