Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Video Game Edition the second

Buh bum bbuuummmmm.  That's right Amusingers and Anecdoteists.  More video game extravaganza!!!
First up, an oldy but a goody, it's Saints Row!  More precisely Saints Row 3 which just looks spectacular.  Saints Row is most noted as being a sort of parody of Grand Theft Auto, at least at first.  The developers must have only seen the parody bit because Saints Row 2 really came into it's own.  Excited to see this one come out.

Next up, Prey 2.  For the few people who have played the original and wanted a sequel for a long time, well you got it, it just might not be the sequel you're looking for.  Don't get me wrong, I like the look of Prey 2, sort of Blade Runner meets I don't know what, but it's a big departure from the first game.  I'm still real hopeful though that this game will be great.

Darksiders 2, don't know about this one.  The first one wasn't that great, a mix of God of War and Legend of Zelda should be awesome right?  It was okay, but a renter not a buyer, and it looks like it's the same with the sequel.

Last sequel, though it kind of isn't.  Dark Souls is supposed to be the spiritual successor to Demons Souls, a personal favorite of mine.  And I can't wait to die 1000 times again in this game, getting really frustrated and throwing the controller down.

Last but certainly not least is Dead Island, the only non sequel game on the list.  I was about to say original but zombie games has been done to death, pardon the pun.  They do put an interesting twist though in that it's an open world RPG, in which you can upgrade your weapons, search the island for survivors and take missions you want to take, kinda like Fallout 3, or Borderlands.  Still I am a sucker for all zombie stuff, I even have a plan for the zombie apocalypse, so I can not wait for this game to come out.  It was supposed to come out this summer but got moved back to September which frustrates me.  Speaking of which.....

So I lied about Dead Island being the last one, but I'm sure everyone has heard of this game by now anyway.  The Last Guardian.  A game that not only refuses to come out, but refuses to even put a release date out there to get our hopes up.  She's playing hard to get this one, but I want it bad.  I cheated in the order of the games and played Shadow of Colossus first before Ico.  But they're so good and I really want to find out the mystery behind The Last Guardian even though I know I won't even when I beat the game because that is how Fumito Ueda's games are. 

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