Monday, December 20, 2010

duh duh dummm....

Here is a piece of advice, don't read a book that has a cliffhanger.  It physically hurts sometimes to wait for the next book to come out.  I know of two books I read that has a cliffhanger, one is Changes by Jim Butcher and it has the ultimate cliffhanger.  The main character DIES!! What!? I mean what!?  That one blows my mind every time I read the Dresden Files.  The second is the 2nd book in a series called Abarat.  It has been SEVEN years since Days of Magic, Nights of War, the title of the book, came out.  Talk about a long cliffhanger.

Anyway I know this probably won't interest the normal man but dammit I just had to speak my mind!


Comment dammit!  I want to know what people think about my nonsensicalness mess

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  1. You speak your mind whenever you want good sir!