Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mass Effect 3, an honest Review

Seriously, everyone, Mass Effect 3 isn't as great as the reviewers claim.  Sure it has awesome cinematics, and a nice final story, but graphically it's about the same as 2 years ago. 
Also the Normandy isn't as awesome as ME2, it feels smaller and less integral to the plot.  About the plot, sometimes it feels like it is on rails, especially about the primary missions.  I don't feel like I'm actually deciding anything, just pushing a random thing to say that comes to the same conclusion as the other choice. 

The scanning has also been dumbed down.  So much so that most planets you see you can do next to nothing with but look at the pretty planet.  The ones you can scan all you have to do is find a flashing white dot on the planet once.  It no longer feels like a mini game to find precious resources, it feels like a mini game for children.

And now the worst gripe I have with this game, by far the most annoying, is the discs themselves.  You have to switch the discs (it's a 2 disc game) out more than once, more than twice, more than god knows how many times I've switched out the discs.  It isn't just annoying, it takes away from the experience and seriousness of the game itself.

Now I know some of you will complain saying how this game was awesome, and how dare he foul this games good name.  I'm not disagreeing with you.  This game is really good, but is it as good as all the reviewers say it is? No, it isn't.  I'm giving this game an 8.5.  After all is said and done that is what it deserves.

For a different opinion to mine watch this review:

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